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Gaining as much information as possible on your opponents is the best way to make better decisions at the table. Indeed, if you know from previous experience that a certain player likes to bluff, then you can be prepared to call their bets with a much wider range than normal.

While it will not be possible to review TV coverage of your opponents before you sit down and play, you can use poker-tracking sites such as Poker Tracker and Poker Table Ratings. These sites data mine hand history information from poker sites, in order to display statistics on every player in the world. 

Thus, if you’re sat at an online poker table, you can go to one of these sites, type in the name of the player you want information on, and find out if they’re a winning player or not. Knowing this simple piece of information can help your decision making process in a crucial pot. 

For example, if you are faced with a large bet on the river with a scary looking board, your instant reaction may be that the player has a strong hand. 

Indeed, this may be the case, if you are facing a fish or an average player (because they usually only bet when they have the goods), but if they are a strong player, this may not be the case. If the player you are up against has a lot of experience, then they will know that it is tough for you to call a large bet on the river when the board is scary. 

Therefore, the value of knowing whether someone is a winning or losing player can help you make better overall decisions. Beyond these sites, you can also check if they have any live tournament cashes, via the Hendon Mob’s database. 

Piecing together small bits of information can help you build an overall profile of someone and, ultimately, increase your chances of making better decisions against them. 



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Last updated 22 May 2014
Poker - Become a Poker Detective