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Did You Know?
Event # 3 in the 2007 World Series of Poker was the third-largest live poker tournament in history with 2,998 players. 

Did You Know?
Brothers Michael, Rob, Eric and Donny Mizrachi all cashed in the 2010 WSOP Main Event.



Poker Terminology

A variation of 7-card stud in which threes and nines are wild. If a player receives a three face-up, that player is required to either double the size of the pot or fold. If a player receives a four face-up, that player is dealt an additional card.

Big Slick or Anna Kournikova:
The pocket cards A-K, either suited or offsuit.

The point in a tournament at which there are only slightly more players remaining than there are finishing positions that receive a prize

Family Pot:
A pot in which many players have a stake; the money at stake in a hand in which few players have folded; community pot.

To split the pot four ways or split it in such a way that at least one player receives one-fourth of the pot.

Seventh Street:
The round of betting immediately after the seventh card is dealt; the final round of betting.

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When creating a three betting strategy in poker,it is all about ranges. When formulating your range, you must consider the type of opponent, how they are performing, stack sizes, and their position. Let us have a look at an example of how to create a three-betting strategy against an early position opener.

It's Fun to Know: Playing-Card Superstitions
Gamblers are a notoriously superstitious lot. Here, for example, are a few things that poker players dread:

  • The four of clubs is known as "The Devil's Four-Poster Bed," and is believed to attract bad cards later in the game.
  • Aces and eights (a pair of each) is known as the "Dead Man's Hand," and is reputed to be the hand "Wild" Bill Hickok was holding when he was shot dead.
  • Looking at your cards before the dealer is finished passing all of them out brings bad luck. So does picking up your cards with your left hand.


Last updated 2 August 2013
Poker Terminology