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5 Card Stud Poker

5-card stud is not a community card variant like Holdem and Omaha, and it isn’t as popular as its cousin, 7-Card Stud either. Therefore, if you want to play 5-card Stud online, you’re best off signing up to a popular poker room like Pokerstars which features the game in its selection and which has enough traffic to offer you some competition at the 5-Card Stud tables too.

Anyway, here’s what you’re up against rules-wise when it comes to 5-card Stud. A 5-Card Stud poker hand can be won in one of two ways: by making the best 5-card hand by showdown, or by forcing all the other players involved in the hand to fold. The game is played at a table with a maximum of 9 players.

The most popular betting structure used for 5-Card Stud is Fixed Limit. Online, you may find PL and NL 5-Card Stud games too. The game is played with a small bet and a big bet. If your online table reads $5/$10 FL, it means during the first betting rounds, the max bet you’ll be able to make is $5. For the other betting rounds, that limit goes up to $10.

Because there are no blinds, the game begins with each player posting an ante. The Antes combine for the same type of catalyst that the blinds are in Holdem and Omaha. Their importance therefore cannot be overstated: without these antes, there is no action. The antes are usually around 1/10th of the small bet. The dealer then hands each of the participants two cards (one of them face up and one of them face down) in a clock-wise direction around the table. After the deal, a player needs to post the bring-in. This will be the player with the lowest upcard. If there’s a tie, suits are used as tie-breaker.

The first betting round is about each player calling the bring-in, raising it or folding. The dealer then hands each of the players another upcard. The player with the best visible 2-card hand will begin the second betting round. He can check or bet. All the other players can then check, call the bet, raise it or fold. Those who remain in the hand after the second betting round get another upcard from the dealer. Again, the player with the best 3-card hand begins the action for the 3rd betting round.

The 4th betting round is basically a repeat of the third one. Yes, players get another upcard, so at this stage they have 4 upcards and only one face-down card. The 4th betting round is followed by the showdown, after which the player with the highest 5-card poker hand wins. Aces count as both high and low in straights. The hand rankings are the standard ones.

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Last updated 24 February 2018
5 Card Stud Poker