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Introducing Fantasy Poker Manager

Fantasy sports games allow the gaming and gambling worlds to merge perfectly. Since the Internet explosion of the 1990s, there has been a Fantasy Sports epidemic and the poker world has now jumped on the bandwagon, in a big way, courtesy of The Global Poker Index (GPI).

Ever since the GPI changed hands between Federated Sports and Gaming and Zokay Entertainment, it has gone from strength to strength. The GPI is now widely recognised as the number one ranking tool in poker, and the owner, Alex Dreyfus, has introduced annual awards ceremonies to honour the poker players who excel in the GPI rankings.

The latest offering from the GPI is a social game available on Facebook known as Fantasy Poker Manager and it has taken off like a storm. The game is currently free and available on all major hand held devices. 

It allows poker fans to create teams of 10-players using a virtual budget of $1,000,000. The scoring is carried out by analysing GPI points, which are accrued through rankings in specified worldwide tournaments. Players can create their own leagues, or even clash against each other, thus bringing private wagering into the game.

The CEO of GPI Zokay Entertainment, Alex Dreyfus, stated that this application bridges the gap between online, social, and live poker. The app was recently used by poker players, fans, and members of the media at the European Poker Tour (EPT) Deauville and it was a tremendous success.

It is hoped that the game can increase the mainstream appeal of poker.





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Last updated 18 April 2014
Introducing Fantasy Poker Manager