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7 Card Stud Poker

7 card stud poker is the most popular of all stud games,there are also six and 5 card variants but they are not as popular as seven card. In 7 card stud poker at the end of the betting round you have 3 down cards and 4 open cards in each players hand.

In 7 card stud poker there are five rounds of betting and these can lead up to some very large pots, to be a skilled 7 card stud poker you need to have an alert mind and good memory.One should have the ability to relate each card in his hand or the one visible in the hand of the opponent and also the once visible but now folded hands to estimate the likely hood of making not only his hand but that of the opponent as well.

In 7 card stud poker almost every hand is possible unlike texas hold em where to make a 4 of a kind or a full house you need to rely on the board containing paired cards and a flush in any other game is impossible unless the board contains 3 cards of the same suit.

With nearly endless possibilites, 7 card stud poker is a bit like a jig-saw puzzle, one must combine knowledge of exposed and prior folded cards with the betting pattern in order to determine the hand your opponent may be holding.

7 card stud poker requires patience as you are dealt 3 cards before the first betting round and it becomes very important that these cards are able to work together and decide if you can enter the pot on 3rd street.( with the 3 cards dealt)

Basic rules : Before the game starts players post a ante which is a fraction of the betting amount, playesr are then dealt 2 card face down and one card face up. the lowest exposed card has to start the betting, in case 2 players have the same denomination then suit is used to decide with clubs bening the lowest (clubs diamonds hearts and spades), it is then the turn of the player on the immediate left to either fold , call or raise it .

Once the betting has equalized a second card is dealt face up and the same process is repeated. only this time the player with the highest ranking card starts the betting. the player may check fold bet or raise,in case a player has a pair in the open cards the player has the option to bet the maximum to try and protect his hand, mostly there are 3 to 4 raises per rounds but this can vary.

In 7 card stud poker the order in which a palyer acts is determined by the acrds showing on the board and therefore may wary from round to round.

the process is continued till the 7th card which is dealt face down, wherein the active players now have a hand made up of 3 closed and 4 open cards, the player who acted first on 6th street ( when the 6th card was dealt) will be the first to act on the 7th closed card as well. finally when all betting is equalized in the 7th round all cards are turned face up and player have to show the best hand made up of 5 cards.

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Last updated 24 February 2018
7 Card Stud Poker