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Basic Video Poker Strategy

Play Online Poker at Winner PokerVideo Poker like any other gambling game is characterized by its unpredictability and one cannot foresee the result of the game, even if good strategies are used they may make a difference to the game play but it cannot guarantee the final result. 

To maximize winnings players need to learn certain basic strategies.   There are special tables that explain the basic rules and principles of video poker online. 

Since Video Poker has become so popular, gamblers can now play Video Poker in almost all online casinos.  Players can play no download video poker through their browser or install the casino software on their computer.

Real Poker vs Video Poker

Players need to take note that there is a definite difference between Real Poker and Video Poker.  In Real Poker games such as Hold’em, Stud, Oasis etc, the Ace hold a high value whereas in Video Poker the Aces have a lower value and the payout is the same as a pair of Jacks.  It is far more complicated to obtain a Straight with an Ace than with lower valued cards.

Players need to get rid of any Aces and hold onto lower valued cards instead to increase their winning odds.  Kickers or Side Cards are cards that do not play a part in a winning combination and also need to be discarded but they can be used to break the ties between hands of the same value, for example, the combination of K, K, 9, 5, 4 is valued as a pair of kings whereas 9, 5 and 4 are kickers or side cards.

 In real poker, the kickers help to break ties between hands of the same value.  Between these two combinations K, K, 9, 5, 4 and K, K, 9, 8, 4, the second one will be the winning combination because its 8 kicker outranks the 5.

In Video Poker Kickers or Side Cards are of no value and only tend to lessen the odds of winning, therefore players are advised to discard them. 

The combination ranking is solely determined by the paytable.  A pair of Queens or Jacks is equal to a pair of Aces and by collecting any of these combinations the player will get the same payout, so there is no need to establish any preferences in terms of higher or lower cards.

 There are many other strategies that can be used to win in Video Poker that help players to increase their winning odds but players must remember that there is always a threat of randomness in any Video Poker game.

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Last updated 26 December 2013
Basic Video Poker Strategy