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  When it comes to playing online poker - everyone is different - Read Why below.


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Frank Kasella won his second World Series of Poker bracelet of the summer, becoming the first double-bracelet winner of 2010. There has been at least one double-bracelet winner in each of the last
11 WSOPs.


Everyone is Different

There are a lot of players who play their cards in exactly the same way each time they are dealt them. To these types of players it doesn’t matter about the flow and feel of the game, or that there opponents all play a specific style of poker.

This basic flaw is often the by-product of training and coaching. Poker is an ever-changing dynamic game and people are always looking for a quick solution, especially when you are playing a poker single table tournament.

There are a lot of people in the world who like to just follow rules. You tell me what to do and I will promise you I will do it. In poker, players ask for starting hand charts because they want to know what hands to play in every position at the poker table.

This is because players are lazy and do not want to think. Starting hands are an excellent way to start thinking about poker, but at some point you need to change focus and that focus should be aimed at people.

Poker is a dynamic ever-changing game because it contains people and people are dynamic and every changing.  All serious poker players will know that defending your big blind with [7s] [2d] is a mistake. So it wouldn’t be in the starting chart and you would never play it. But what if the opponent in the small blind was the worse player on the planet. What if he was that bad that you could see his cards? Then playing [7s] [2d] in position against this type of player becomes a positive play.

Remember everyone is different so make sure your game adapts to this, even when you are playing Texas Holdem, or Omaha poker online.



Become a Poker Detective:
Gaining as much information as possible on your opponents is the best way to make better decisions at the table. Indeed, if you know from previous experience that a certain player likes to bluff, then you can be prepared to call their bets with a much wider range than normal


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Last updated 21 November 2013
Poker - Everyone is Different