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Poker: The Donk Bet

The poker world is full of words and idiosyncrasies to describe each play used in the wonderful game. One of the terms that the poker media are keen to avoid using is the ‘donk bet,’ and it is avoided because the use of it refers to someone who is acting like a ‘donk’. So, what is a ‘donk bet?’

The action folds around to the player seated on the button, who makes the raise, and the big blind is the only player who makes the call. A rather innocuous flop hits the felt and the big blind leads with a bet; this action is known as the ‘donk bet.’

As the game evolved it became common practice for players  to follow up his or her aggressive approach with a continuation bet on the flop. As this was common knowledge for everyone within the game, any reversal of this methodology was thought to be poor play hence the definition “donk bet.’

According to the latest poker news, when donk-betting first started to be used in the game, a great way of countering it would be to raise. The lead was usually the result of a player hitting a weaker part of the flop. 

Had they hit the board hard, they would no doubt check to the pre flop raiser to let them create a bigger pot, so by raising you were able to fold out a lot of stronger hands if you were, of course, holding the bluff.

These days, the use of donk betting is so rare that you can easily define if the player you are facing is a novice or a great player that deserves respect. A raise against a great player is not going to work as often as it would against the weaker player simply because they will be expecting your play.

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Last updated 24 February 2018
The Donk Bet