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Three Betting Against Early Position Openers

When creating a three betting strategy in poker, it is all about ranges. When formulating your range, you must consider the type of opponent, how they are performing, stack sizes, and their position.

Let us have a look at an example of how to create a three-betting strategy against an early position opener.

For the most part, players are taught to open with a much tighter range from early position. A good example of an early position raising range would be AA-22, AK-AQ, ATs and KJs+.

So, armed with this information, you must proceed cautiously against such an opponent.

You see, the players themselves formulate their opening range. Each player will be different, and you can use tracking software or the keen eye to understand how tight or loose an early position range actually is.

Also, try to understand the level of thinking your opponent is working at. If they are a high-level thinker, then you will get a lot of respect for three-betting an early position open.

If the player is a recreational type, then your three bet may get zero respect.

In the brave new world, players are opening up more liberally from early position, as games become looser and aggressive. Pick up on these types of opponents, and three bet them mercifully.

When they start playing back at you, then just stop and adjust. Another great opponent to find is the one who calls your three bets, and then folds to a high percentage of flops.
Once again, tracking software or a keen eye can pick up on these opponents; they are like gold dust.

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Last updated 24 February 2018
Three Betting against early position openers